Japanese Cuisine
Welcome to Sushi Joint. This is the place where you will find great quality fish and friendly services. We are located in
Glendale and Burbank area.

Mon - Thu 10:59 am - 9:29 pm

Fri - Sat     10:59 am - 9:59pm

Sun     10:59 am- 8:59pm

6320 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA 91201

Tel : (818) 548-0688

Fax : (818) 548-0788

Contact us at :


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Sushi Joint

SUSHI JOINT is where you should be,and we are in Glendale and Burbank area.

Sushi Joint is all about 3 things...

and Quality.

Thank you for visiting this site and we hope to see you all at the restaurant soon......

We love to get to know you.

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